ZUHRA HILAL (b. 1989 in Kabul) lives and works in Copenhagen. She is educated in  fashion design at Akademie JAK in Hamburg. Through installations, performances, videos, and poster art she challenges the perception of women and their sexuality in society.

 Zuhra has exhibited her work at Kreativikum Eilbek in Hamburg, Kunstverein Heidelberg, and most recently at Kunstnernes Efter√•rsudstilling 2017 in Den Frie Udstillingsbygning in Copenhagen. She has also disturbed the Berlin Fashion Week 2015 with a guerilla performance, and in 2017 her work was mentioned in the 2nd edition of the book Vulva by the German journalist and culture historian Mithu S. Sanyal.


Email: zuhra.hilal-harvald@gmx.com

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